Aug 2019


Silence is a powerful yet sometimes scary and difficult thing.

Steve Hall

Things have changed.
I was at the library the other day and two ladies were having a good old yarn, loud enough for me to hear the details of the conversation an aisle away!

Back in the day a library assistant would have come around the corner, looking over her glasses, with her finger on her lips to remind you the rules of the library.

I had that a LOT when I was at school. Silence was not my strength. Actually, when I was at school I didn’t have many strengths at all.

Silence isa powerful, yet sometimes scary and difficult thing. It’s when we engage with our inner person but also give room for the Spirit to engage ours. Maybe that’s why it's so hard. What sounds do we hear when we are alone -the sound of fear; the sound of anxiety; the sound of the next thing to do; the sound of the past? But what about the sound of silence, (thanks Simon and Garfunkel) what is that like?

I read this quote that started my thoughts. 

“God speaks in the silence of the heart. Listening is the beginning of prayer”. Mother Teresa

In Psalm 37:7 we read,  Be still in the presence of the LORD, and wait patiently for him to act.

I want to encourage you this week, to still your mind, to sit in silence and listen to the spirit. It may be hard and will take practice but make a start. Create space for silence this week, maybe in your car as you travel to work, walking the dog, going for a run or simply sitting alone at home with a hot coffee.

Just find space, even for ten minutes each day, (it may mean getting up ten minutes earlier or going to bed ten minutes later). Find time to be alone and be still and let your mind be quiet. Maybe, like Elijah, God has a question for you, an answer to your struggles, direction for the future or simply wants you to know he is there with you. Make a plan and see what God might do.

We are rarely alone, but often lonely. Jesus was often alone, but never lonely