Aug 2019

Set the Rhythm + go to the NEXT LEVEL

Our lives tend to function on a rhythm so should our prayer life.

Steve Hall

You may have noticed, (especially when we are required to clap during worship), keeping rhythm is not my strong point, (actually I tend to set my own interpretation of the rhythm)!
Yet rhythm is really important in music, (so I’m told), and important for life.

Rhythm of the heart keeps you alive,
Rhythm of eating gives you energy,
The Rhythm of your car’s engine keeps you moving.

I was watching the cricket, (go Australia) and noticed the importance of the bowlers run up. The rhythm of the run up not only gives the momentum to bowl the ball fast but the rhythm keeps the bowlers action the same. Changing their rhythm changes the effectiveness of the bowl, that’s why they start at the same place, have the same action and release at just the right time.

My biblestudy group had a conversatino about prayer. We focused on the idea of having "rhythm in our prayer". Just like the bowler, rhythm gives us momentum for the day and keeps our lives in beat with God. As we talked we recognised how our lives tend to function on a rhythm and so should our prayer life. Jesus in Mark1:35 is recorded of having a morning conversation with His father in heaven every day. That’s an interesting thought, Jesus who is God in the flesh and one with the father still took time out each day to have a conversation. Once he had had that time he was ready for the events of the day ahead and the challenges he was going to face.

Think about this

When we place our morning eyes on God, we see the day through His eyes.

If we are going to grow and move to the next level in our relationship with God we need to find our rhythm in prayer. One thought we had was not to try and add another thing on top of our busy lives, but instead try adding prayer to something that already has a rhythm in your life. Like walking the dog or going for a run. One girl in our group has included her prayer time with God as part ofcollecting the eggs from the chickens in the morning.

Here is your challenge, what is your rhythm of prayer? If you don’t have one start one.  

Bear Grylls said this: “To this day I start every day on my knees praying by my bed, and that’s my grounding for the day” 

Get into rhythm with God today and see how the momentum of prayer sets you up for the next level.