Sep 2019

Keep Walking

Look Ahead Don't look back FASTEN YOUR HEART

Steve Hall

The big walk is about to happen. Next weekend is “Walk The Wall”.
I trust you have signed up and started doing your preparation, don’t forget the fund-raising.

I remember a bigger walk that Marg and I did a few years ago, the “Camino Pilgrimage” in Spain. It was incredible, 130 kms through Spain’s country.The scenery was incredible and I loved the conversations alongthe way and the time of reflection, BUT... it did get hard.  There were times when the feet did hurt, especially those who had blisters (not me), legs started to complain and call a stop work meeting. The thing about a good walk is it has so many life lessons we can learn on the way.
Just like in life  - We will see many things, meet many people as well as have space to think.
In scripture there are many references to “Walks" and the lessons we can learn from them. For example, if your walk of life feels like you need a break, or the blisters are hurting (may come in handy for the “Walk the Wall”). think about the words of Paul in Philippians 3:14 (Passion Translation) who came up with a way to push through and KEEP WALKING

I have one compelling focus: I forget all of the past as I fasten my heart to the future instead.
I run straight for the divine invitation of reaching the heavenly goal and gaining the victory-prize through the anointing of Jesus.

Paul encourages us to look ahead, don’t look back; keep focused on the future not the past; don’t let the past distract you from the future. I like the phrase, FASTEN YOUR HEART. This leaves us with a great question, a question that will determine your walking pace; a question that will impact how you walk.

What is my heart fastened too? Is my heart fastened to my past, my hurts, my rights, the wrongs that have been done or are they fastened to the future? Think about that, the future holds some great things for us all, the future holds victory, the future holds a prize, the future holds a deeper relationship with Christ. In Christ, your future can only be good because He is good,  He has already overcome, He has all ready won, He holds the victory trophy for you. When I consider these things I can walk through the pain, the tiredness, the disappointments, the walk picks up speed, may turn into a run, the conversations are about the future prize, the possibilities the hopes.  I want to walk with those focused on the end results not those who are hanging on the start line.
If you haven’t signed up for “Walk the Wall”, do it now!

Let's walk together, have some great conversations and most of all focus on the prize - abandoned children in China receiving love and hope in Jesus name..
See you on the walk.