Aug 2019

It's Not Yours

Everything we have, is God’s, we are simply the stewards.

Steve Hall

Someone oncesaid to me, "I’ll loan out everything except my wife and my chain saw”. I’m glad he put so much value on his wife, not sure about the chain saw in the same sentence.

What is it you wouldn’t loan?
A friend of mine lentme his FWD car to go to Broome and back.I was amazed he would offer it to me and to be honest, I was personally challenged -would I do that?.
I responded to the offer ,"Are you sure?”.
His response challenged me even more.“It’s not my car, it’s God’s”. (that didn’t help, who wants to mess up God’s car).

The truth is that everything we have, if we are truly surrendered, is God’s, we are simply the stewards.

This week I have heard a number of people in the our church who have friends or acquaintances that are going through some traumatic situations. Anumber of my own neighbours are in need, needs that I have the ability to help with.
Don’t be surprised if you also cross paths with such people. As we push into the person and presence of God, everyday surrendering to him, broken, hurting, grieving people will come in your life. Why? Because God wants to minister to all those who are broken in this world.He wants to love those who are hurting, heal those who are sick, feedthose who are hungry. How? By equipping you and I with gifts, resources and spirit to give to others, to take time for others, to love others, to listen to others. God’s plan is not for you and I to store up treasures on earth, but to give out to others.

1 Pet 4:10 "Be generous with the different things God gave you, passing them around so all get in on it".

As you walk through this week think about the life, the resources, the love and the time you have to give to others. I’m convinced that a generous God wants us to be a generous people, you have been blessed to be a blessing.