Sep 2019

Don't forget your drink bottle

Let God fill you up with His Spirit/His life, some Jesus Gatorade.

Steve Hall

The temperature on Monday was over 30 degrees. It felt a lot hotter than that on the treadmill at the gym! 15 mins in and I was perspiring like a leaky bucket!
I reached out my hand for my water bottle, (to put back in what was leaking out), and realised that I had left the bottle in the car. Stopping wasn’t an option - it takes a lot for me to get going so if I was to stop there may be not restart.
So I kept going, but the more I thought about my thirst the thirstier I got. I considered taking the guys bottle who was next to me, but hey, I get paid to be good, (plus it could turn ugly, he was a big guy).
The more I ran the harder it got.
My legs and the treadmill had different ideas about what speed we should be going - the treadmill was winning the argument.
Eventually I made the decision to stop the machine, go to the car and get a drink. As I walked to the car, enjoying the cool breeze with my legs now in their happy place, I thought about the scripture I spoke about on Sunday, John 7:37,

Anyone who is thirsty may come to me,
Anyone who believes in me may come and drink!
For the scriptures declare ,
Rivers of living water will flow from his heart.

The living water was definitely flowing that day, but in order for the water to flow out something needs to flow in right?
This made me think about my life. Sometimes I feel like I’m on the treadmill of life. It just keeps on going and life starts to perspire out of me. That’s the time I need to reach for a refill, to top up the reservoir. That’s the time I need to reach out for some living water to fill me up.

I think the Spirit was saying to me, as I stood by my car and took a good drink, get off the treadmill of life for a moment and take a good drink of me. I noticed something as I took my drink, it’s hard to talk when you're drinking. We need to stop, be still and let God fill us up.
Can I encourage you today, take time out, get away from the busy-ness even just for a moment.
Take a good drink of God. Let Him fill you up with his spirit, His life, have some Jesus Gatorade. You'll find new energy that will take you further than you think.